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Let's Connect

At St. Luke Lutheran, we value the power of connection and believe that meaningful conversations and shared experiences can foster a sense of belonging and spiritual growth. Whether you're seeking guidance, have questions about our community, or simply want to engage in open dialogue, we invite you to connect with us. Here are a few ways to get in contact: (or jump to the contact form below!)


Conversations with Pastor Matt:


Pastor Matt is here to listen, support, and engage in thoughtful conversations. If you're looking for guidance, have spiritual inquiries, or would like to discuss any topic related to faith, he is eager to connect with you. Feel free to schedule a one-on-one conversation by emailing Pastor Matt or through our online contact form below.


Worship with Us:


Join us for our worship services, where we come together as a community to celebrate and reflect. Our services are inclusive, welcoming, and filled with inspiring messages of hope, love, and faith. Whether you're a lifelong Lutheran or new to the Christian faith, all are welcome to worship with us. Every Sunday, 10:30am online and Zoom!


Community Events:


St. Luke Lutheran hosts various community events throughout the year, providing opportunities for fellowship, learning, and service. From social gatherings to educational workshops, there are plenty of ways to connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for faith, justice, and making a positive impact in the world. Keep an eye on the weekly email newsletter,  facebook page or check the calendar for updates on upcoming events. Sign up for the weekly newsletter. 

We believe that everyone has a unique story and perspective to share, and we warmly invite you to be a part of our vibrant community at St. Luke Lutheran. Whether you're seeking spiritual guidance, companionship, or a place to belong, we are here for you. Let's connect, grow together, and support one another on our faith journey.

Contact Form


3264 Northside Pkwy NW,

Atlanta, GA 30327



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Building Use



At St. Luke Lutheran, we are delighted to offer our versatile spaces for a wide range of events and gatherings. Whether you're looking for a space to worship, practice, hold meetings, or celebrate special occasions, or film we have you covered.

Are you interested in using the St. Luke Lutheran building? Contact our Parish Administrator today at to learn more about availability and our recommended fees/donations.


Our sanctuary serves as the heart of our worship each Sunday. With its warm ambiance and inviting atmosphere, it is the perfect setting for worship services, concerts, performances, meetings, and talks in the Buckhead area. Additionally, our narthex, located just outside the sanctuary, provides an ideal space for intermission gatherings with wine and cheese.


Suggested Uses: Worship, Performance Practice Space, Performance Space, Large Community meetings, informational talks, and more. 


Amenities: Organ and Grand Piano



Located in Buckhead, our fellowship hall offers a spacious and accommodating venue for various gatherings on the north side of Atlanta. Whether you need a space for group meetings, community gatherings, birthday parties, or more, our fellowship hall provides the ideal setting. It is equipped with chairs and tables, allowing for easy arrangement and setup.


Suggested Uses: Community Meetings, Organizational Weekly and Monthly Meetings, Birthday Parties, Bible Studies, and more.


Amenities: Chairs and Tables 



Looking for a unique and versatile filming location in the Buckhead area? Look no further than St. Luke Lutheran Church. Our beautiful church premises are available for rent to accommodate your filming needs.


Situated in the vibrant Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta, St. Luke Lutheran Church offers an exceptional backdrop for film productions. Our stunning sanctuary, with its striking modern stained glass windows and serene atmosphere, provides an ideal setting for various scenes. From wedding ceremonies to heartfelt moments of reflection, the sanctuary offers a versatile space that can be transformed to suit your vision.


In addition to the sanctuary, our fellowship hall is a spacious and flexible area that can be utilized for scenes requiring community gatherings, meetings, or other event settings. With ample seating and adaptable layout options, it provides the perfect canvas for your storytelling.


We understand the logistical requirements of film productions, and our church premises offer convenient amenities for your crew. Our on-site parking facilities can accommodate multiple vehicles, ensuring easy access and hassle-free logistics for your team.

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