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Mary and Martha Window Mission Statement:

We are a Christian Community who, with God's help, commit ourselves to achieving a greater understanding of His Word and equipping ourselves for loving outreach, service and ministry. 

Statement of Welcome 

In response to the call in Romans 15:7 “welcome one another therefore, as Christ has welcomed you for the glory of God,” we believe that every person has worth as an individual and every person is entitled to dignity and respect. 

We therefore publicly proclaim that:  

We welcome people of any race, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity, age and physical ability into the membership of our church, and we encourage all people to share their faith, gifts and talents in worship, service, study and leadership;

We commit to remove all barriers that exclude people from full and active participation in our church; and 

We will continually strive to eliminate prejudice from our thoughts and actions and discourage prejudice by others at every opportunity.



Gordon T. Reinertsen

Organist and Music Director
David C. Ritter 

Church Secretary
Alice Urland

Children's Sunday School
Ellie Klein

Nursery Caregiver
Becky Watson

2009-2010 Church Council

President: Lindy Freitag   Evangelism: Allison Bussone
Vice President: Paul Blackney   Fellowship: Mark Engel
Secretary: Alisha Wist   Property Mgmt Keith Newman
Treasurer: Jeff Hornsby   Social Concerns: Tim Young
Education-Adult: Chris Nelson   Stewardship: Ren Davis
Education-Youth: Maureen Miller   Worship Susan Roff

wavy red line 

History of St. Luke Lutheran Church 

The decision to start a mission in northwest Atlanta was made by the Division of American Missions of the American Lutheran Church in 1962. By 1963 they had found the land, enlisted an architect and a contractor, bought a parsonage, and hired a young seminary graduate - The Rev. Jerry Straszheim. Pastor Straszheim and his family came to Atlanta in July of 1963 and began his work. The first meetings were held in Birney Elementary School, which was adjacent to St. Luke's property. The first worship service was held at Birney Elementary School on September 8, 1963. 

The Congregation was officially established on January 18, 1964. The Chapel and Education Wing were begun on October 28, 1963 and completed by May 31, 1964, at which time they held their first worship service in the new facility. The Service of Dedication and Thanksgiving for the new facility was held on November 15, 1964. Pastor Straszheim was the pastor of St. Luke until November of 1971, when he took a call to begin a church in Florida. 

St. Luke's second Pastor was The Rev. Gordon T. Reinertsen. Pastor Reinertsen and his wife, Janet, and their daughter, Jessica, came to Atlanta on December 20, 1972. His first worship service was on Christmas Eve. December 24, 1972. Pastor Reinertsen is still serving as the pastor of St. Luke. 

Notable additions of St. Luke include the addition of our Fellowship Hall, our kitchen, rest rooms, and several classrooms in November of 1988. March of 1998 saw the completion of a complete remodeling of our sanctuary, with 11 stained glass windows being added, including the "Crucifixion Window", a large stained glass window of the crucifixion behind the altar. A further renovation of the rest of the facility was completed in August of 1999.




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